Moulded Carpet / Vinyl Frequently Asked Questions

Moulded Carpet & Vinyl

Q: Will my carpet/vinyl come in one piece?

A: No moulded carpets & vinyl come in two pieces.

Q: I have a ute/panel van, will the carpet/vinylcover the complete floor?

A: A front carpet or vinyl will only cover from the firewall to the front of the seats. A separate rear section is available for most models (both front and rear is recommended if front and rear is available for your model).

Q: Will my carpet/vinyl come with holes already cut?

A: No the appropriate holes need to be cut when fitting the carpet/vinyl into the vehicle. See Installation Guide

Q: Does the carpet/vinyl come with underlay?

A: No - underlay can be purchased separately (choice of standard, waterproof or soundproof). The price of underlay on the product page for your car model includes enough underlay for your specific vehicle.

Q: How quickly can I expect delivery of my carpet/vinyl?

A: Moulded Carpet / Vinyl will be made to order within 12-15 working days of payment.

Delivery within Australia is approximately 3-7 working days, depending on Australia Post or our courier service lead times to different areas within Australia.