Insul-Layer 3mm or 6mm

  • Insul-Layer -  acoustic and thermal insulation 3mm or 6mm

    Insul-Layer is available in 3mm & 6mm thick rolls. It is a Peel & Stick closed cell foam acoustic and thermal insulation that suits roofs, walls & more and is designed to fit in tight areas. It offers acoustic and thermal insulation, prevents condensation and is very affordable.

    Insul-Layer will not rot, attract mould and is easy to cut and apply.

    NOTE: For all inverted or vertical applications that will be covered in carpet/fabric (IE having more weight added to the surface of the Insul-Layer), we recommend applying upholstery grade Spray Adhesive rated at 120°C.


    • Light Weight
    • Easy installation - just peel off the release liner and adhere to surface.
    • Cuts with scissor and knife
    • Reduces heat transfer
    • Does not rot or deteriorate
    • Affordable


    • Roof skins
    • Inside cavities
    • 1/4 panels
    • Doors
    • In-between trim panels to reduce vibrations/rattles (3mm Insul-Layer's main purpose)
    • Vans & campers (6mm 6.5M Roll is perfect for these)
    • (6.5M Roll is plain black, no branding)

    What are the rules for applying a peel & stick product?

    It is vitally important when laying a peel & stick product that the surface is thoroughly cleaned to remove any grim or dirt. We use a wax and grease remover. If you use a product such as methylated spirits or turps, as these are oil based, they will leave a residue that can affect the bond. Use a isopropyl alcohol (wax and grease remover) to remove this film.

    Peel & stick products adhere well to metal surfaces, however if you are sticking the product to porous or rough materials, such as factory bitumen sound deadener, the product will require additional Spray Adhesive.

    Peel & stick products should not be stretched when applied to a surface as the material will eventually want to 'pop' back.

    You need to ensure that peel & stick products are thoroughly rolled down, with pressure applied across the entire product to ensure that it has firmly adhered to the surface. We use our Application Roller.

    If you find an air bubble, you should pierce the bubble to release the trapped air and roll the product down firmly.

    We recommend using additional spray adhesive when using products in inverted positions or if you are directly adding further weight onto the product, such as glueing 4-way stretch carpet to the product's surface.

  • Free Delivery for ALL orders within Australia (except moulded carpet shipping to the Northern Territory)  The price you see is the price you pay!

    Our products are made to order in Australia. Normal manufacture times include:

    • Moulded Carpet & Vinyl: around 5-7 working days
    • Floor Mats: around 5-15 working days (depending on the volume of orders)

    Note that these times may vary when there is a larger than normal volume of orders.

    We send all of our products via Australia Post Registered Parcel Post, or via courier that requires a signature upon delivery. Alternatively, you can leave a note at checkout to instruct the courier to leave the parcel somewhere safe.

    If you are not home at delivery and you have not left delivery instructions, you will get a delivery slip advising that you have a parcel ready for collection from your Post Office, or to arrange re-delivery from the courier.

    Your parcel will be fully tracked so delivery can be monitored.

    Delivery within Australia is approximately 3-7 working days, depending on Australia Post or our courier service lead times from Victoria to different areas within Australia.

    Returns / Refunds

    The Australian Trade Practices Act gives warranty and refund rights to consumers in Australia which CarMatsDirect is legally obliged (and happy) to honour. 

    • If you have ordered the correct products for your specific vehicle model as per the product descriptions provided by CarMatsDirect and you receive the wrong items, CarMatsDirect will either replace the items or provide a full refund (including postage). Please note the items must be returned in original (re-saleable) condition if requested.
    • If you wish to cancel your order, we are happy to provide a refund providing the manufacturing process of your order has not commenced.

    All effort has been made in the checkout process to eliminate possible errors in selecting the correct items to match your specific model. If there are any discrepancies within product information you provide at checkout, CarMatsDirect will contact you directly to double check you have ordered the correct items for your vehicle.

    Please ensure you order the correct product for your vehicle. If you have ordered the incorrect products for your specific vehicle model as per the product descriptions provided by CarMatsDirect, our policy is to not provide refunds or exchange. Our products are made to order to your requirements, therefore, it is unlikely we will be able to re-sell the product in a reasonable timeframe due to multiple variations in the product options such as vehicle make & model, colour and type of carpet.

    To find out if your are entitled to a refund, contact CarMatsDirect through the "Contact Us" link in the menu. Refunds will be for the price you paid to CarMatsDirect for the item that is subject to a refund. You can elect if the refund is by direct debit to the credit card account you used when making the purchase. You can choose an alternative remedy to a refund. In these circumstances you may want an exchange, a credit note or to have the goods repaired.

    You may be entitled to compensation if goods you purchased:

    • were not of merchantable quality (i.e. a basic level of quality that would be reasonable to expect)
    • were unfit for any purpose you made known to the seller, or can be inferred from the type of goods 
    • did not match any description given of the goods (this would include corresponding with a photograph of the goods) 
    • were not free from defects.

    If the goods you have purchased fulfil any of these conditions then you may be entitled to a refund upon return of the goods.

    You MUST provide proof of purchase by way of delivery documents and a receipt.

    You are not entitled to a refund, credit or exchange if:

    • You ordered the incorrect product for your specific vehicle make & model,
    • The colour of the products you received did not look the same on the screen of your phone, tablet or computer,
    • You did not read the product information on the website and made incorrect assumptions about what you were ordering
    • You have incorrectly fit moulded carpet or vinyl,
    • You changed your mind and the manufacture process has begun,
    • You decided you no longer want the goods and the manufacture process has begun,
    • You just don’t like them,
    • You found you can buy the same or similar goods elsewhere for a cheaper price.

    Is there a time limit for refunds? 
    You need to approach us regarding a refund in what is called ‘a reasonable period of time’. There is no specific time limit for a refund. A reasonable period of time is determined by a court based on the goods, their use and any other relevant information. Statutory time limits in various State and Territory legislation for an action for breach of contract are also relevant.

      For more information on our returns policy, see our "Shipping & Returns" page
      • CarMatsDirect provide a 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty on all of our products.
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            No one likes ordering or receiving the wrong items and customer satisfaction is "OUR PRIORITY", so we have made every effort during the checkout process to eliminate the possibility of our customers selecting incorrect fitting items for their specific vehicle model.

            To assist, we have added several "mandatory" drop-down menu items such as "Automatic/Manual" or "Body Type - sedan, wagon etc." or "Manufacture Year" to help us eliminate possible ordering errors. 

            If you have any doubts about the make and model of your vehicle, leave us a note at checkout or "contact us" for advice. If we detect any discrepancies within product information you provide in the checkout process, CarMatsDirect will contact you directly before we process your order to double check you have ordered the correct items for your vehicle.

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