Moulded carpet or vinyl for Ford, Falcon, XC (1976 - 1979), UTE

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            Moulded carpet or Moulded vinyl to fit Ford Falcon XC (1976 - 1979)’ǒ_UTE


            PLEASE NOTE - "Front Only" moulded carpet or moulded vinyl ONLY covers from the top of the front firewall to just under the front seats. To reach the rear firewall of your UTE, VAN, SEDAN or WAGON, you will need "Front & Rear",

            AND... No Holes are pre-cut in the moulded carpet or moulded vinyl.

            AND... This moulded carpet or vinyl has been designed to be installed with underlay. Underlay is essential for the carpet or vinyl to fit correctly and last longer.

            More Important Information

              • Your moulded carpet or moulded vinyl will be moulded to fit your specific model. Guaranteed!
              • One generic image of moulded carpet is used on the website, therefore, the product you receive is unlikely to resemble the generic image on the website.
              • Installing moulded carpet and especially moulded vinyl is difficult, therefore, it is recommended that professionals are engaged to install the product
              • Front & Rear comes in two (or more) pieces that overlap under the front seat
              • Cargo or boot moulded carpet or moulded vinyl are also available for many models
              • All moulded carpet (not moulded vinyl) comes with a quality double thickness PVC drivers side heel pad
              • Your moulded carpet or moulded vinyl is made in Australia to order.
              • The manufacturing process can take up to 15 working days and our free delivery will be the normal shipping times for Australia post and our courier services from Victoria to your location.  Note that manufacturing times may increase significantly during the current pandemic if covid-19 restrictions are implemented..

            Moulded floor carpet available in:

            Loop Pile:

                • Constructed using top quality spun Acrylic yarn at 600 grams per square metre (GSM).
                • Available in 11 different colours

            Plush Pile:

                • Uses a similar construction process to Loop pile but with a much higher yarn density of 750 grams per square metre (GSM).
                • Available in 11 different colours
                • All moulded carpets (not moulded vinyl), come with a quality double thickness PVC welded drivers side heel pad
            Moulded Vinyl:
            • Constructed using a tough 2.5mm PVC hardwearing heavy duty vinyl that won't absorb water or moisture, and won't rip or tear!
            • Moulded Vinyl is available in black brown or grey
            • All moulded carpets (not moulded vinyl), come with a quality double thickness PVC welded drivers side heel pad


            Standard Underlay
            Standard felt underfelt provides a reasonable level of noise reduction whilst minimising carpet movement and acts as a barrier between your vehicles steel floor and carpet. This helps maximise the life of your vehicles carpet and helps prevent wear-through.
            Waterproof Underlay
            Suitable for work vehicles or 4WD recreational vehicles. Closed-cell foam underlay will not absorb fluids such as water, oils, fuels etc. Unlike other underlays this is a wipe dry application that will not rot or smell when wet. Ideal for work utes, 4WDs, Vans etc. Can also be used in Boats, Caravans, Trailers, Buses or any other application requiring underlay that could be subject to fluids.
            Soundproof Underlay
            For an even more effective noise reduction, we recommend our custom-made butyl core soundproof/waterproof combination underlay. Featuring a layer of butyl bonded to traditional waterproof foam, this soundproofing is great for minimising exhaust and road noise, particularly in high performance and and off road vehicles. The waterproof foam layer also protects your car from absorbing any spills or splashes, avoiding the nasty wet car smell, and making it ideal for off-road and work vehicles as it enables you to hose out the interior floor of your car for easy easy cleaning.

            Moulded Carpet & Vinyl

            About our Moulded Carpets

            A fibreglass mould from the vehicles original floor pan is used to produce moulded carpet in two pieces, heat pressed from the original mould. The result is a front and rear moulded carpet that fits perfectly with the exact contours of the floor. The front and rear sections overlap neatly under the seats. A quality drivers heel mat is stitched into the drivers foot well. There are no holes put into any of our moulded carpets in case modifications are required.

            About our Moulded Vinyl

            High quality moulded vinyl flooring was developed for those applications where a wipe or hose out material is more suitable, such as the work vehicle that goes in the mud or the weekend 4WD adventure Vehicle. Our moulded vinyl is tough hardwearing heavy duty vinyl that won't absorb water or moisture and is available for most 4x4s, utes, vans, cars and some trucks.

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